SMEs the driving force in Cyberjaya

June 2, 2010 |

(The Star, Wednesday, 2 June 2010 – Business & Finance – Page: 5)

Featuring state-ofthe-art commercial, residential, business and institutional development.

AS THE preferred address for ICT, multimedia and innovation companies, Cyberjaya is strategically located at the centre of the Klang Valley, just 20 minutes from the Kuala Lumpur city centre.

The premier cybercity has the latest IT infrastructure planned for growth featuring state-of-the-art commercial, residential, business and institutional developments. Over 500 companies have chosen Cyberjaya as their preferred business, outsourcing and solutions location – even globally recognised names like DHL, HSBC, DELL, Shell, BMW, AMD and Ericsson.

As the landowner of Cyberjaya, Cyberview Sdn Bhd is mandated to spearhead the development of the premier cybercity, provide endto-end conducive and businessfriendly ecosystems for businesses and facilitate both local and international investments to grow.

Cyberview’s role in nurturing SMEs corresponds with the mandate given by the Government to Cyberview, and that is to take on the leading role in spearheading the entire development of Cyberjaya.

Cyberview does this by working closely with various stakeholders for the progress and development of Cyberjaya.

Cyberview SMEs have the opportunity tp participate in international exhibitions like CeBIT in Hannover, Germany and Malaysia Showcase 2010 in Brunei.

Recognising that more than 99% of Malaysia’s business establishments consist of SMEs, one of Cyberview’s roles is to build enterprise buildings to be leased, sold, or rented to companies – with a substantial number of SMEs specialising in creative content and ICT currently in residence in addition to technology, communication and research and development multinationals.
Cyberview built the SME Technopreneur Centre I in March 2005 to cater for the SMEs in Cyberjaya at affordable rental rates.

Within a year, SME Technopreneur Centre I achieved 97% occupancy, underscoring the dedicated infrastructure and amenities unique to Cyberjaya. The SME Technopreneur Centre 11 was completed in November 2007 and it now boasts 81 tenants, equivalent to a 99% occupancy rate.

Cyberview is already building the third SME Technopreneur Centre, expected to be ready by the second half of the year. Initial response has been encouraging with several companies showing interest to move into the building.

To add value to the SME Technopreneur Centre cluster, Cyberview has established the Resource Support Services Centre, also known as the RSSC.

The function of the RSSC is to provide support services to tenants at the SME Technopreneur Centre cluster with the objective of nurturing and facilitating their growth and development.

(Left to right) StarFusion Sdn Bhd CEO Nizaruddin Tahir, Hafidz Hashim, Datuk Mukhriz Tun Mahathir, Webonline Sdn Bhd CEO K. Manirajah, Isa Bin Datuk Adam Yee and MDeC Vice President of Marketing & Branding Niran Noor after the presentation of plaques to the three SMEs that launched their products at the SESTECH 2010 event.

Apart from business matching and networking opportunities, the RSSC actively involves SMEs in local and international exhibitions, forums and conferences geared towards their areas of expertise.

This serves to not only showcase the world-class talent nurtured in Cyberjaya, but also gives SMEs an opportunity to expose their offerings to a global market in line with Malaysia’s drive towards developing a knowledge-centric economy.

Among the many international showcases it is involved in, Cyberview recently provided its SMEs an opportunity to go one step further at the international level with CeBIT 2010, the world’s largest trade fair showcasing digital IT and telecommunications in Hannover, Germany. With more than 4,000 companies from 68 countries exhibiting at CeBIT 2010, this event gave Cyberview tenants Akriz, Rapid Matrix and Motio-Fixo notable business leads and international exposure, whilst instilling confidence in the fact that Malaysia possesses fast-growing talent able to compete on a global platform.

As the mastermind of Cyberjaya’s development activities, Cyberview is responsible for the creation of a unique ecosystem that is sustainable and able to help companies here grow progressively.

This eco-system extends beyond the boundaries of Cyberjaya’s physical infrastructure which incorporates an innovative district cooling system, dedicated transportation services, park and ride, emergency services linked to a CCTV monitoring system, Green City initiatives and sound urban planning.

The eco-system thrives with the knowledge resources and business multiplication effect achieved by Cyberview’s focus on attracting local and global tenants that complement each other within a conducive MSC Malaysia environment.

Cyberview ensures that as the environment evolves, so too must the eco-system and the way we do business evolve. And as such, all business activities by Cyberview are geared towards the sustainability of the eco-system.

With more than RM80 million invested in Cyberjaya’s infrastructure since 2005, Cyberview will continue to implement several initiatives to create a livelier and more vibrant environment which will see 2.16 million square feet of enterprise space being built by Cyberview and other stakeholders in the cybercity in 2010. It represents a 36.73% increase over the existing 5.88 million square feet, putting the total built-up enterprise space in Cyberjaya at 8.04 million square feet.

“Cyberview has experienced an exponential 70% growth in the number of companies choosing Cyberjaya as their operations hub with the unceasing construction and development of new knowledge development centres, homes, offices, security systems, energy supplies, and cybercity infrastructures,” said Cyberview Sdn Bhd managing director Hafidz Hashim.

“Cyberjaya is well-developed in terms of its ICT-centric infrastructure and business investments as well as its wider community and interpersonal networks.

It is well on track with the plans and aspirations of the Government and MSC Malaysia. Coupled with the conducive eco-system nurtured by Cyberview, Cyberjaya will continue to grow as an attractive base for technopreneurs, knowledge workers, and Malaysia’s knowledge economy,” he added.

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