My Diva Homes to overlook Cyberjaya Lake

June 20, 2011 | 0

My Diva Homes, located in Cyberjaya’s Perdana Lakeview East neighbourhood, is being designed to offer panoramic views of the Cyberjaya lake.

Situated on a 3.08 ha site, the freehold project will be developed by Subang Alam Sdb Bhd, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the CrystalVille Group of Companies. It will comprise 385 two-storey semi-detached homes called Ibiza, 14 two-and-a-half-storey semi-detached homes called Tropex and two two-storey bungalows.

Datuk Azman Mahmood, Corporate Asviser at CrystalVille, said Ibiza will be launched on 18 June, followed by Tropez and the bungalows and in October.

A total of fifteen Ibiza units have been reserved for the early bird promotion, which ends on 17 June.

“As part of the promotion, incentives for buyers include a rebate discount of RM50,000, the sales and purchase agreement and memorandum of transfer fees to be borne by the developer, and deferment of interest payment for buyers until the project’s completion under a scheme we are working out with Maybank,” said Datuk Azman.

He noted that the glass windows and doors will allow residents to enjoy views of the man-made lake, as well as other Cyberjaya landmarks.

“We will also landscape the area in modern minimalist design, devoid of any heavy trees that block the view.”

He added that each unit will be equipped with a covered parking area which can accommodate up to three cars.

“Buyers can also look forward to pre-installed security features such as Smart Home equipment, CCTVs and an alarm system through which you can monitor your home via an iPhone or iPad when connected to the Internet,” he said.

He added that the development is the company’s maiden project in Cyberjaya, encouraged by the township’s good infrastructure, sewerage system, Internet connection and landscaping features.

He noted that Ibiza is expected to be completed by January 2013 and prices will start from RM1.77 million.


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