Intelligent city gets residents’ thumbs up

November 26, 2006 |

TheStar Saturday 25 November 2006

Redza… “Cyberjaya Community Recreation Club set to open by the end of the year.”

Cyberjaya, to most Klang Valley folk, is way out there. But people who live and work in the world’s first intelligent city are willing to give it a chance.

Cyberjaya resident Noor Hamiza Md Azahar said the jam-free drives and clean air were a boon, compared to Kuala Lumpur’s smog.

“I can’t complain about the food either because there are enough food stalls, cafes and restaurants as well as nurseries and day care centre to aid working mothers,” said the mother-of-four.

Sekolah Seri Puteri in Cyberjaya is a modern school equipped with high-tech facilities

Former Multimedia University student Geeta Nair felt the distance between Cyberjaya and the Klang Valley had shortened with time and surrounding developments.

Like Cyberjaya, MMU recently turned 10. Most of the city’s early inhabitants were university students and the population received a boost when the LimKokWing University College of Creative Technology opened.

The day population in Cyberjaya is about 29,000 but the number dwindles, as there are only 10,000 residents. For some multi-national companies operating around-the-clock, it is work as usual even during the quiet of the night.

Like Cyberjaya, the Multimedia University turned 10 recently

Cyberview Sdn Bhd has plans to perk up life in the city and is serious about community development.

As landowner, it preside over 2, 894ha and was handed a bigger mandate to develop the land as a result of re-structuring. With the 2005 Budget came a shift in physical development guidelines.

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