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January 11, 2010 |

(The Star, Monday, 11 January 2010 | Metro – Page, 7 | )

Old and new: Old directional signages on the left will be removed once directions and company addresses are displayed on this gantry in Jalan APEC near the MDec building.

The next time you drive into the cybercity, wellplanned and easy-to-read directional signs will help you find your way around easily.
These signs will guide visitors to unfamiliar places, which can be an office building, bus terminal or any other important landmarks in the city.

Sepang Municipal Council (MPSepang) president Azizan Mohd Sidin said these easy-toread signs would help solve the challenge of having to locate a specific destination as it served as tenant directories in improving traffic flow.

Two of the four gantries proposed for Cyberjaya, each costing about RM13O,000 are already in place along Jalan Persiaran APEC, one close to the MDeC, a landmark building and another at the junction of Persiaran APEC-Jalan Semarak Api.

Azizan said two more gantries would be up in the near future and one would definitely be erected at the Persiaran APEC-Persiaran Rimba Permai junction, which is the main entry point into Cyberjaya.

He said the RM400,000 gantry would span the whole six-lane carriageway fronting the Dell Global Business Centre and the fire station while the fourth gantry would be in Jalan Persiaran Tasik.

“The use of directional signs not only reinforces the property’s image, the signage also helps direct traffic and control parking,” he said in an interview.

Presently some road shoulders are “littered” with directional signboards put up in the early development stage of the township, prompting the council to come up with a better planned signboards.

“The individual directional signboards put up by compaflies would be removed in stages as and when proper signs are put up by the council and in certain locations by Cyberview Sdn Bhd, the landowners of Cyberjaya.

Cyberview are also working together with us in making the city more conducive for foreign investors,” said Azizan.

Before the two gantries and directional signs were up, there were more than 70 company directional signages placed along road shoulders, some obscured by bigger ones So far, 21 have been removed as company names were included on the council’s signages in the areas they are located.

He said the main development thrust was to provide a quantum leap for Cyberjaya to become a leading multimedia hub attracting world-class media and IT companies.

Azizan said entities like the HSBCM’Sia, Multimedia University (MMU), CBD Perdana and MDeC, would not be placed on directional signages since they were landmark buildings.

For new companies that want to have their names on the directional signages, a minimal annual fee will be imposed by the council,” said Azizan.

When asked about the Cyberjaya’s Re-zoning Structure Plan (CRSP) which was passed during the council’s One-Stop-Centre (OSC) meeting in November 2008, Azizan said since only 30% of Cyberjaya’s landbank was developed, the council would propose setting up the new signages where there is much development.

The re-zoning structure plan in the intelligent city is for easy identification of companies in the zone where they are located and also for accurate postal delivery.

“We have 12 zones but not all of them are developed. “Therefore, there is no point in putting up a CRSP or Area Identification Signage (AIS) at vacant zones. “Even if there is one development in a new zone, we will put up a sign as and when a need arises,” said Azizan.

The 12 zones will be identified as Cyber 1 to Cyber 12, similar to the Precincts in Putrajaya. As an example, the council headquarters, which is located in Cyber 1, will share the same CRSP/AIS as the Community Clubhouse and the Cyberpark, so the MPSp address would henceforth be Majlis Perbandaran Sepang, Persiaran Semarak Api, Cyber 1, 63200 Cyberjaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan.

The other addresses are: Cyber 3 (LimKokWing University, Satellite Farm, Measat); Cyber 4 (MKN Embassy, TM Net 2, TM Net, Ericsson, HSBC 2, HSBC, EBI): Cyber 5 (BMW, Fujitsu System, EB2, DHL, Glamorous Matrix, Prima 7, Prima Avenue, FSBM, CSP); Cyber 6 (District Cooling

Plant, MCMC, Fire Station, City Command Centre, Sports Arena, SME 1, SME 2, Mustapha Kamal Building, Nfl’ R&D Centre, EB3, Shell, Century Square, MDeC); Cyber 7 (Cyber Height Villa, Sekolah Sen Puteri, Flagship Village 1, Cyberview Garden, Setia 1-laruman, Cyberview Lodge Spa & Resort); Cyber 8 (Police Station), Cyber 9 (Cyberia Crescent, Smart School,Telecom); Cyber 11 (Universiti Multimedia, Cyberia, STP-A); and Cyber 12 (Neo Cyber, D’Cassia Apartments, D’Melor Apartments, Bus Terminal, CBD Perdana).

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