A cost-saving cooling system

January 16, 2010 |

(The Star, Saturday, 16 January 2010 – Metro – Page, 6 )

CYBERJAYA, the country’s premier cybercity for green technology is optimistic about its new initiative, the District Cooling System (DCS) which is a central energy plant of Pendinginan Megajana Sdn Bhd (PMSB).

It generates chilled water for air-conditioning requirements of several buildings within an area or district.

Under the system, chilled water is piped using underground pipes to multiple buildings and this is suitable for hospital complexes, office complexes, universities and technology parks.

DCS is used in business districts and institutional settings such as college and university campuses in many countries and in neighbouring Singapore, the DCS can be found at the Changi Business Park and Changi Naval Base The DCS is a green initiative developed by Cyberview Sdn Bhd (CSB), the landowners of Cyberjaya.

During the recent Asia Pacific Cities Summit (APCS) 2009 held in Incheon, l(orea, former CSB managing director Datuk Redza Rafiq had said that the initiative was to create healthier developments for Cyberjaya.

The initiatives included the introduction of amenities like an improved public transportation system, identification of key economic activities, introduction of multiple-use areas into development plans and the setting up an eco-system that will continuously improve to ensure delivery of support infrastructure and security.

The DCS, however, is one of the major highlights of the green technology practices.

The difference between DCS and the conventional system is that it frees the owner from the need to own, operate and maintain his own plant.

PMSB is the sole provider of the system in Cyberjaya with a current production capacity of 12,000 refrigerant tonnes (RTs) and it will have a planned capacity for 100,000 RTs by 2020 to service the whole of Cyberjaya via two district cooling plants.

The DCS works on a thermal energy storage system where the stored ice or chilled water is used whenever cooling is required during the day.

Currently PMSB customers in Cyberjaya are building owners and major tenants like DHL, Emerio, Ericcson, Setia Haruman Sdn Bhd, Measat, EDS, Nil’ MSC Sdn Bhd, MDeC, Mampu, TM, Shell, Road Transport Department (JPJ), SKMM, Astro, Public Services Department (JPA) and Amanahraya.

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