Cyberjaya: A Year In Review

January 7, 2010 |

2009 is proving to be a banner year for Cyberview Sdn Bhd, as landowner and mastermind for Cyberjaya in terms of accomplishment and progress.

Under the recently announced Budget 2010, Cyberjaya is set to have its best year ever, as several initiatives will culminate in Malaysia’s premier cybercity attaining a livelier and more vibrant environment as well as being a showcase township for Green Technology.

The creation of a livelier and more vibrant environment will see 2.16 million square feet of enterprise space being built by Cyberview and other stakeholders in the cybercity by 2010. It represents a 36.73% increase over the existing 5.88 million square feet, putting the total built up enterprise space in Cyberjaya at 8.04 million square feet in 2010.

At the Cyberjaya annual media briefing, Cyberview Sdn Bhd had announced several projects in line with those highlighted by Prime Minister Datuk Sen Najib Razak during the tabling of Budget 2010, aimed at making Cyberjaya a more vibrant and lively cybercity. These include affordable housing, business complexes, hypermarket, parking lots, recreational centres and schools, as well as a more efficient public transportation service. Efforts to increase business, commercial and recreational activities will also be intensified.

Cyberview has submitted a strategic plan as well as a green roadmap to the government for the implementation of green initiatives in Cyberjaya and the feedback based on the budget appears to be positive. This certainly augurs well for Cyberjaya, which saw an exponential 70% growth in the number of companies choosing the cybercity as their preferred location since 2006.

Cyberview played a role in the setting up of the WHO Global Service Centre which was recently officiated by the Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin. The centre provides administrative support services to WHO Offices in headquarters at Geneva, the Western Pacific Regional Office in Manila and other entities including UNAIDS, UNICC and UNITAID

2009 has been a promising year with the entry of 12 SMEs, bringing up the total number of companies in Cyberjaya to 512 with 214 SMEs in total all based at the SME Technopreneur Cluster. This year will see the completion of the third SME Technopreneur Centre.

With this new building in place, Cyberview expects the number of SME companies in Cyberjaya to further increase.

SMEs have further exposure opportunities at both national and international levels through Cyberview

The launch of Basis Bay Sdn Bhds flagship green data centre in Cyberjaya. It was officiated by Datuk Dr Maximus Ongkili, Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation witnessed by MDeC chairman Tan Sri Halim Au and Basis Bay CEO and founder Datuk Praba Thiagarajah.

On Oct 15; International Multilateral Partnership Against Cyber Threats (IMPACT) announced the appointment of Kaspersky Lab APACs MD as Goodwill Ambassador for Greater China. In this role, Cheung will provide his expertise in raising attention to key issues in cybersecurity within the Greater China iegion. IMPACT is a politically neutral platform that brings together the academia, private and public sectors, to ensure the protection and security of governments’ cyber territories and, critical ICT infrastructures.

Cyberview has leveraged on international markets for greater exposure to drive growth for the premier cybercity. It also promotes Cyberjaya internationally.Starting November 2008, at a time when most companieswere holding back, we saw the opportunity to embark on an international promotional and branding exercise to promote Cyberjaya over the broadcast and the new media platform, targeting over 30 million audiences in North America. Likewise, in December 2009, Cyberview embarked on a similar initiative as a preview to their upcoming launch.

From 1997 up until July 2006, Cyberjaya had 302 companies. In a span ofjust over two years later, the numbers have swelled to 512 companies, which include 35 multinational corporations. There are 477 home-grown companies and 214 of them are SMEs.

Among the buildings that were completed in 2009 were: IMPACT, AMD, Kolej Internexia, KRU Studios, Basis Bay and Mahindra Satyam. Buildings that are still under construction include HP, SME III and MSC Malaysia K-Workers Development Centre.

Cyberview has been given the task bythe Government to roll out several initiatives under the Second Economic Stimulus Package Plan, which will, among others, help boost the SMEs in Cyberjaya. These initiatives include Cyberjaya Hotzone, Malaysian Cybergames Operations and Research (MyCORE), Cyberjaya Web Presence ( and Cyberjaya
Graduate Attachment and Training (GREAT)

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