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October 3, 2010 |

(New Straits Times, Sunday, 3 October 2010 – Tech)

The station ( has been operational since early this year

A TV channel by the community for the community. That’s Cyberjaya TV, a free-to-view online channel. SITI SYAMEEN MD KHALILI finds out more
CYBERJAYA TV (CJTV) embodies the innovative spirit of Cyberjaya. Run by Cuzzy Media Sdn Bhd, the channel is an open platform Internet-protocol TV (IPTV), featuring content produced by Cyberjaya-based companies as well as students based in universities and colleges in the vicinity. The station ( has been operational since early this year and has already attracted more than 23,000 viewers from the United States, Asia, Europe, Middle East and Southeast Asia.

“CJTV is an initiative by Cyberview Sdn Bhd that connects and showcases Cyberjaya-produced content to the rest of the world. It is free for anyone who has access to the Internet. More importantly, there is no need for dedicated decoders or set-top boxes. Content is produced in Cyberjaya by the community for the world,” says Cuzzy Media’s chief executive officer Jeffrey Raj, who is also executive producer for

Offering hip and interactive programmes like Music Meter, The Best Medicine, Try Masak, Reels Review and Cyberjaya Indie Music Fest 2010, CJTV uses an “Open Platform” IPTV business model. Jeffrey explains that all production in CJTV uses HDV Broadcast. The content is located at a central website, powered by CuzzyLogic Artificially-Inteligent Private Network technology. This proprietary technology allows excellent access and streaming even over less-than-ideal end-user connection speeds.

“The end-users access content via devices such as personal computers, laptops and new generation smartphones serviced by a broadband connection from any ISP. The ‘First Time Airing’ Library comprises content that is conceived, shot, edited and produced by the team based in Cyberjaya.” Like other traditional TV formats, CJTV also has a syndicated content library. “This library of pre-produced TV shows consist of mini series, cartoons, movies and general interest documentaries.

This content is acquired on a ‘lease to publish’ basis from various third-party suppliers. The objective of the syndicated content is to fill the gaps between the FTA content and to make the overall proposition of the site to be more compelling and entertaining in nature as well.” CJTV also promotes the Cyberjaya ecosystem via the “Taking Care of Business @ Cyberjaya” programme which features companies that have grown and contributed to both local and international markets. It also provide opportunities for students such as those in Limkokwing University of Creative Technology, Multimedia University and Cyberjaya University of Medical Sciences to gain hands-on work experience.

“CJTV creates opportunities for students by allowing them to participate as crew members through appointment by Cuzzy Media or also through Cyberview’s Graduate Employment, Attachment and Training programme once they graduate. The students can also use CJTV as a platform to promote their talent and showcase their portfolio.” Jeffrey says the future of TV and the mass media is not too far from what CJTV is anticipating. “The media will become fragmented in a few years and there will not be such a thing as mass media. It will be replaced by a multitude of fragmented media, instead of a single oligopoly, looking at a series of fragmented media specialising in niche subject matters,” he adds.

“Cuzzy Media is no stranger to the future as we were the pioneering experts who kicked off Internet TV when there was no broadband. We believe that CJTV is the future for Cyberjaya. There will be more original programmes and shows as well as events being produced and created in Cyberjaya that cater to all walks of life.

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