www.cyberjaya-tv.com (The Channel) is an “Open Platform” IPTV business model whereby the content is located at a central website, powered by Mediasaya Sdn Bhd. The end users access that content via their own devices such as their personal computers, laptops, smartphones and tablets serviced by a STABLE broadband connection (Minimum 1 MBPS , optimum 2MB onwards), from any ISP (Internet Service Provider). www.cyberjaya-tv.com is available for free.

The content for this channel is being powered from 2 libraries.

They are:
1) The “First Time Airing” (F.T.A) Library, which is being produced on a day to day basis from a central studio, located at SME 1 Technoprenuer Center in Cyberjaya, with equipment and operators to record, and edit and publish it on to www.cyberjaya-tv.com . The studio is also HQ for the field team that will also document all public events that happen here in Cyberjaya.

2) The syndicated content library: This is a library of pre – produced TV shows that consist of Mini Series, Cartoons, Movies and General Interest Documentaries. This content is not produced by the in house team, rather it is acquired on a “lease to publish” basis from various 3rd party suppliers. The objective of this content is to fill the gaps between the FTA content and to make the overall proposition of the site to be more compelling and entertaining in nature as well.

The mission objective of producing original content and publishing that content bundled with syndicated content is as follows:

1) www.cyberjaya-tv.com is being built around an “Open Platform” (as described above), therefore it is not geographically restrictive. Its primary intended audience is global, and then Malaysia. www.cyberjaya-tv.com will be of service the Cyberjaya Community in the form of being a voice for the community and at the same time provide in depth real time information about the inner workings (Live, Study, Work & Play) of Cyberjaya, to those who are interested in becoming a part of the Cyberjaya Community from any part of the world they are from, now or at a later time.

2) Cyberjaya is a very fast growing community of multinational citizens, and local ICT centric companies. They are Cyberjaya’s most prized assets, as they are Cyberjaya’s trade reference for future companies who wish to set up shop here in Cyberjaya.

3) The channel also showcases that “Cyberians’ have taken the lead as an example for other communities in Malaysia and internationally on how to harvest opportunities from a knowledge based economy as a critical source of new economic growth.

4) The channel is providing job opportunities for people with qualifications in Mass Media, New Media, Multimedia Content Creation, Computer Science, Software Programming Skills, Sales and Marketing.

5) The channel also provides ample marketing exposure locally and internationally for the community’s product and services that is being produced by companies located here in Cyberjaya.