Cyberview: Identifying opportunities

May 17, 2010 |

(The Star, Monday, 17 May 2010 – Star Special – Page, 8)

INDUSTRY-RELEVANT: Already into its ninth batch, GREAT programme graduates emerge with industry-specific skills and have excellent opportunities to secure employment immediately following their internship.

TO INNOVATE, you need the right kind of workers, and when you’re tasked with managing Malaysia’s premier cybercity, that is not an easy commission. However, Cyberview has done just that by creating a programme that will help match the ICT, multimedia and services industries within the cybercity with potential knowledge-workers.

Spearheaded by Cyberview Sdn Bhd, the landowner of Cyberjaya, the Cyberjaya Graduate Attachment and Training (GREAT) programme is a capacity-building initiative drawn up by Cyberview to meet the demand for knowledge workers in the cybercity and to provide training for graduates to help them become industry-relevant.

The creation of the Cyberjaya GREAT programme follows the Government’s Economic Stimulus Package announcement which called for training and job placements for 163,000 job-seekers.

The resulting training opportunities are the outcome of close collaboration and discussions between Cyberview and knowledge small & medium enterprises (k-SMEs) based in Cyberjaya, most of them located at Cyberview’s own SME Technopreneur Centre cluster.

Participants of the Cyberjaya GREAT programme will undergo a six-month training period with companies within the programme, after which would see them being absorbed as permanent staff if they perform well. At the very least, all graduates will still have a valuable six-month working experience.

In practice, the absorption rate is commendable with graduates either continuing within the company or finding employment within other Cyberjaya tenants because of the common ground found in the knowledge industries.

Cyberview’s GREAT programme aims to help address the mismatch in manpower supply versus demand, helps increase the employability of graduates, and provides support for Cyberjaya’s companies during challenging economic times.

With the upcoming completion of the Knowledge Workers’ Development Institute (KWDI), Cyberjaya is well on its way to becoming the centre for the development of knowledge workers.

The KWDI is a national initiative, especially created to enhance and develop skilled manpower in ICT and the knowledge-economy.

CYBERVIEW provides local and global avenues for its SMEs to showcase their technology and talent, as seen here at SESTECH 2010 with (2nd from left) MITI Deputy Minister Datuk Mukhriz Tun Mahathir.

The KWDI is to be a centre for training, seminars and various educational and recreational endeavours targeted at working professionals with specific ICT training for postgraduates.

The centre is geared to ensure continued relevance between the skills of knowledge workers and the business needs of employers in the ICT industry. With the setting up of the KWDI, employers in Cyberjaya can send their employees for training so these employees obtain new, useful and relevant skills as required and sought by the industry.

Cyberview was responsible for the development of the infrastructure for KWDI, while the Multimedia Development Corporation (MDeC) under its K-Workers Development Initiatives will be responsible for the training content development in close collaboration with the industry.

Both parties will work closely with Internexia, an SME specialising in interactive multimedia courseware for the training and education industry.
Internexia is one of Cyberjaya’s first success stories, having outgrown their office at Cyberview’s SME Technopreneur Centre to its own facility at the KWDI Learning Centre.

As part of its initiative to provide a conducive work pillar for the Cyberjaya community, Cyberview also provides various avenues for the community to build their brands on a national and international level.

The International Malaysia and Business Opportunities Lifestyle Branding Exhibition 2010 is one such avenue that Cyberview is participating in.
It will open up windows of opportunities for Cyberview and Cyberjaya companies to showcase their business model and products to the rapidly growing Malaysian and ASEAN market in particular.

Supporting Cyberview in this initiative will be developer Mah Sing Group and Cyberjaya University College of Medical Sciences. The exhibition will feature a niche of entrepreneurs and firms from various sectors such as franchisees, franchisors, retailers, dealers, manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, and logistics coming together under one roof with a panoply of business opportunities.

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